NRA Values

Corporate Values Statement

National Recovery Agency has a determined resolve to conduct our dealings with compliance, integrity and transparency. This is achieved predominately through our company’s culture of sound ethics, supported by a working system of checks and balances. A principle that is driven by certified best practices for all functional departments is a cornerstone of our structure.

We regard our collection service as an extension of our clients’ efforts and ensure that our clients’ positive public image is maintained throughout every step of the collection process. Guided by our commitment to customer service and a reputation for integrity, we have a proven history of success!


National Recovery Agency, a woman-owned, privately held U.S. Limited Liability Company is organized under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania and headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. NRA Group, LLC was formed in 2005, with the asset acquisition of two nationally known agencies: National Recovery Agency, Inc. founded 1976, and Credit Plus Solutions Group, Inc., founded in 1922.

NRA is an accounts receivable management company that has been successfully providing debt collection services, skip tracing and credit bureau reporting to America's leading companies for over thirty years.

NRA provides its clients with quality results, experience, leadership, and technology, including state-of-the art infrastructure, telecommunications, and collections systems, ensuring the best the industry has to offer. Our services enhance clients' operating performance through improvements in cash flow, reduced operating expenses and increased profitability.

Throughout our strong and successful history of specialized collections, NRA has distinguished itself with quick response times, high rates of recovery, and a highly skilled staff of experienced people.

Our commitment to our clients and their vital customer relationships is key to NRA's success. We forge close relationships with our clients to ensure understanding and achievement of all project goals. As your partner, NRA will provide world-class service by implementing a collaborative approach in servicing your portfolio.

NRA has dedicated its resources and management staff to the debt collection and outsource industry and it is this dedication that provides our clients with a level of professionalism and technical expertise unparalleled in the industry.  NRA has acquired a special understanding of the needs of clients and has developed its services to cater to those needs.

Our Commitment to You

Our Philosophy

NRA has a unique set up focusing on the three critical aspects of the Accounts Receivable Management Industry – our Centers of Excellence for Training, Compliance, and Technology, that sets us apart within the collections industry.

They were created for benchmarking data, researching and developing new productive methods, and making available the very best of NRA resources for its clients.  As we continue to grow, we will continue to enhance our training and compliance programs, as well as investing in the latest technology in order to provide you the quality of service you deserve!

Our key strengths – experience, professionalism and individuality – form the pillars of our company philosophy and govern all that we do. All our client relationships are characterized by mutual trust and dependability.

NRA's Corporate Values

There is no substitute for experience. When you are a client of ours, we go the extra mile to service your accounts. We perform management audits at each step of the collection process to assure maximum results on each account. We address your specific needs to bring you the highest return possible.

We accomplish our mission by incorporating philosophies and operating principles into the NRA business model:

National Recovery Agency's Vision Is:

To continue being a leader in the collection industry, a company whose goal is to ethically and consistently provide services in a way that demonstrates superior results for our clients while exhibiting respect and understanding to their debtors. 

This is achieved through adherence to the following core values derived through our Centers of Excellence:


To better serve our clients, we actively engage with other industry organizations. By working with the major industry associations and actively sponsoring their conferences and forums, we stay updated on the latest industry information and trends, ensuring that our services always address the essential issues for our clients’ success. We value these memberships and will continue to participate in key organizations in order to create strategic partnerships and alliances.


To demonstrate our on-going commitment to provide our clients with a private, secure, reliable and scalable environment, diverse internal and external audits as well as certifications of processes and systems are conducted on a regular basis.