NRA Technology

Through the use of leading edge technology, NRA has delivered excellent service and outstanding results for more than thirty years.

We offer the latest and most innovative call center technologies to meet your business needs including:

  • Interactive Web Capabilities
  • Leading Collection System and Software
  • Advanced Phone Technology
  • Call Recording
  • Inbound Call Routing
  • Fully Customizable Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) System
  • Complete Monitoring & Quality Assurance
  • PCI – DSS Compliance
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Corporate Attorney and Compliance Management
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Custom Reporting
  • Management Analysis
  • Scoring Models
  • Forecasting Models
  • Information Security


Superior technology providing results you want!

Technology is constantly changing and at National Recovery Agency we make every effort to provide you with the most up-to-date technological advances possible.  Each year, we invest millions of dollars in leading-edge technology so you will always have access to the latest solutions. Our in-house IT department allows us to adapt the perfect operating systems to your specific processes, procedures and protocols.

NRA Offers

Our state-of-the art computer system and collection software allows us to:

The following is a brief overview of the NRA technology platform:

NRA uses a Collection Resource System (CRS), which is a fully networked between all NRA locations.  CRS is an internal computer network that allows maximum flexibility and security with minimal service interruption and near unlimited growth.   CRS was designed to deliver an unmatched combination of integrated voice, image, and data capabilities that maximize productivity.  It allows the collection effort to become more productive and efficient and has a variety of features that enhance our collectors' ability to collect.

NRA utilizes call recording technology.  In the collections industry, you need all the tools you can utilize to increase collections, to decrease errors, and to ensure legal compliance while providing the ability to deliver exceptional customer service.  Call recording gives NRA the ability to record and monitor every call in real time providing management with the ability to make real-time decisions.

Customized Reporting

A vital part of the overall services provided by NRA, is keeping you informed of what is being accomplished in collecting accounts.  Our collection system provides standard reports, which can be modified extensively to provide any custom report required by the client.  Since the system is online, reports can be generated immediately and customized as needed.

National Recovery Agency works closely with clients both in the beginning of each program and through ongoing monthly or quarterly operations meetings to evaluate collection expectations, metrics, and benchmark tracking.   Client Reporting mechanisms are put in place as well as Management Reporting, Performance Reporting, and Trust Accounting.

On-line Access

As part of our continued services, NRA provides a client portal that allows its clients to monitor account activity in< real-time, through our website at www.nragroup.com.  In addition to uploading and reviewing accounts, clients can run reports based on their individual needs, verify or upload payments, and view the history of an account within its respective account file.

Unlike dial-up and other remote access options, our client portal is completely private and secure.  Clients gain access with a login ID, password and a secure site with certificate.  At this point, a private communication channel is established over the secure, encrypted private network operated and maintained by our proprietary software.  Once logged on, all information including reports and functionality is available through an easy to use “point-and-click” system.

Client Benefits:


Full compliance to industry best-practices for securing your data

Control over your data is crucial to NRA’s success as a service provider.  Our commitment to protecting the confidentiality of your sensitive data includes documented security standards, data process management, data monitoring, and internal tracking of data to and from our clients. 

NRA invests heavily in proven security solutions to make sure your data is safe and secure during transfer to and from us and while we utilize it for business purposes. We continually subject our security systems, practices and procedures to numerous and ongoing independent audits. We have completed a SSAE 16 Type II audit verifying that we follow industry-best practices concerning security and data.  In addition we are PCI-DSS Compliant.

This, coupled with an extensive infrastructure and network monitoring process, allows us to capture, interpret, report, and protect client data.

All of our employees are licensed, bonded, and insured and are required to execute strict Confidentiality Agreements as a condition of employment.

Data Exchange

NRA receives placement of accounts from our clients in many different formats and mediums. Although Electronic referrals are preferred, NRA can accept manual placements.  Other options available include:

Methods of encryption include:

We offer various encryption options for file transfer to ensure the security of data.  NRA’s system interfacing allows us to exchange data to include case assignments, updates, returns and adjustments, via an electronic means.

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) : Data is transferred via the Internet directly to NRA’s SFTP site.  This method is the most commonly used and most preferred method of transfer because of the built-in data encryption to ensure information security.

PGP Encryption (File Transfer) : NRA maintains a protected FTP site or we can authenticate your FTP site to perform the transfer.  An end user can attach a data file and encrypt the email using PGP or other utilities.  The data file arrive security at our site and is logged so the data can be processed for conversion into CRS.

Web SSL : Any “secure” Web Portal we utilize such as NAVIGATE and the Billing Tree (EPP) uses this type of encryption.

IP Sec Tunnel : All VPNs we utilize – Site to Site VPNs, Remote Access to Clients that use VPN, etc.