Q.  Are you able to collect on a nationwide basis?
A. Yes, we are compliant and licensed to collect in all 50 states.


Q. Do you have bilingual collectors?
A. We have bilingual collection representatives who are capable of handling phone calls. We are also able to send bilingual letters if necessary.


Q. How should we handle bankruptcy notices?
A. Mark your records with the pertinent bankruptcy information and then fax or mail a copy of the notice to our office if it has been placed for collection. This information can also be emailed to us at Support Services Team. Pertinent bankruptcy information we need includes:

Additionally, we would like any updates you receive on bankruptcy cases, especially Notice of Discharge or Notice of Dismissals.


Q. How do we refer business to you for collection placement?
A. We can accept new business in any type of media, although electronic placement is our preferred method of placement.  Please contact one of our Business Development Managers at 1-800-360-9953 to find out how we can get your process started.


Q. How can I reach NRA? 
A. Click here to Contact Us.


Q. How long has NRA been in business? 
A. NRA has been in business since 1976. 


Q. Is NRA a member of the ACA International (formerly known as American Collectors Association)? 
A. Yes. National Recovery Agency is a member of the ACA International.


Q. What is NRA's recovery rate?
A. Recovery rates vary depending on different criteria including the age of the account, the geographical location of the consumer and the size of the account. NRA has competitive recovery rates. A NRA Business Manager would be glad to provide you with some recovery percentages from current NRA customers in your category. Contact Us.


Q. When should accounts be placed for collection?
A. The simple rule of thumb is: the sooner the account is placed for collection, the higher the recovery rate. Obviously, accounts should not be placed at 30 days past due, but a careful analysis of in-house activities usually reveals that payments received from in-house efforts drop off dramatically just after the accounts reach 90 days past due. 


Q. How can I place accounts with NRA for collection?
A. Placing accounts with National Recovery Agency can be done several different ways: 


Q. How can I locate someone whose mail is being returned? 
A. Prior to placing the account for collection, NRA clients can use our "Skip Trace" service. Accounts are matched against credit bureau files. After a new address is obtained, you may continue to work the account in-house or place it for collection. 


Q. Can NRA collect debts for my type of business?
A. NRA provides customized solutions for a number of industries.  We are currently successfully collecting for over 800 businesses and organizations.