National Recovery Agency serves all types of communication providers throughout the United States.  Our commitment to providing outstanding service and superior recoveries has earned us the reputation of “Best in Class” for receivables management in the Communications industry.

Our integrated solutions deliver the resources needed to effectively manage each stage of the revenue cycle.   NRA’s collection representatives are experts in their field and know how to preserve your customer care while effectively overcoming the stalls and excuses that coincide with communications collections.

As the communications industry continues to evolve, reorganize and reinvent itself, there are an increasing number of issues that directly and indirectly impact the collection process. We make it a priority to stay current with these issues, and adapt our services to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.

NRA can provide timely and comprehensive receivables management solutions for your communications accounts that will help you increase profitability and reduce operational cost. 

NRA serves all facets of the Telecom Industry including:

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