FIRST PARTY COLLECTIONS (Pre-charge off)collector

Get the results you're looking for.  Our Flexible, Cost Effective Accounts Receivable Management Services will help you:

NRA’s services help clients improve effectiveness, increase efficiency, and gain better control of the receivable process - ultimately saving time and money and improving revenue and cash flow. 

Our goal is to become an extension of your overall business strategy and a total A/R solution partner. Focused on results and 100% client satisfaction, we are continually expanding our capabilities and growth in all service areas as well as within each industry.

NRA will implement strategic processes that will increase your revenues and profitability and protect your customer base.  By specializing in the specific needs of our clients and then using an accomplished approach to on-going project management, we position ourselves to provide world-class services throughout the marketplace.

We achieve this through quality monitoring, experienced managers, on-going training programs, and one-on-one coaching of staff.

Few organizations have what is required to efficiently implement specialized programs, or to significantly raise the performance of A/R delinquencies.   National Recovery Agency’s first-party collection efforts are transparent to your customers. We offer outsourcing services, through which we function as either a part of, or as your entire internal department. 

National Recovery Agency is able to act as an extension of our client’s customer care departments on a short-term basis or over longer periods of time.  Our first-party solutions are designed in partnership with our clients to guarantee seamless processes and maximize returns, while providing exceptional customer service.  We understand the value of every existing customer relationship and execute our campaigns with precision to protect the goodwill and name of our client.

We offer a complete range of services including customer care, customer contact centers, and collections. We also provide you with a strong recovery foundation through our unique enrichment tools and innovative technology.

Our solutions to First Party Collections include: